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What is RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler?

The RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler is an FDA-approved injectable used to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and skin folds in the face. Unlike other injectables, RADIESSE® is made of tiny calcium-based microspheres (calcium hydroxylapatite) suspended in a water-based gel that is used to fill wrinkles while stimulating the production of your skin’s own natural collagen for continued improvement. RADIESSE® has been used for radiographic tissue marketing, vocal fold augmentation, and maxillofacial augmentation for a long time, and now this treatment has become one of the leading dermal fillers to give you a more youthful, energized appearance that is long-lasting.

RADIESSE® Treatment Procedure

Since the calcium-based microspheres in RADIESSE® are very much like the minerals found in your body naturally, allergy testing is not required prior to treatment. Once the injection points are decided and antiseptic has been applied to the treatment areas, a thin needle will be used to inject the RADIESSE® filler under the dermis layer of the skin. RADIESSE® is also approved to be mixed with lidocaine for improved patient comfort during the treatment. The whole procedure is quick and effective, taking less than an hour.


Patients who receive RADIESSE® injections experience volumizing results that restore a more refreshed, youthful appearance to their faces, and they can immediately return to their normal activities. Some side effects that may occur include swelling, redness, and bruising that will resolve within a few days. Other infrequent side effects such as unevenness or firmness at the injection site may occur in some patients. RADIESSE® is the only volumizer that provides instant results and stimulates your natural collagen production over the next several months, and clinical studies show that these natural results can last a year or longer in many patients. To schedule a consultation with the Cosmetic Surgeons of Naples, call (239) 263-6766 to see if RADIESSE® injections are right for you.