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Plastic surgery is a science to improve the looks and to reconstruct the injured tissues. Hand surgery demands delicate tissue to be handled gently and with the utmost care to maximize the functional outcome.

Before the operation, you should have a thorough physical examination of the hand. Elective surgery should be discussed in detail regarding the operation and post-operative hand therapy.
Operations are undertaken in an outpatient clinic under local, sedative, or general anesthesia. The time involved depends on each operative procedure and it’s complexities.

After the operation, it is of the utmost importance to follow the surgeon’s directions. Elevation of the hand and wearing the splint are important to reduce swelling and, therefore, pain. Medications also help reduce the pain. Often it is necessary that you will be sent to a hand therapist for a splint and/or hand therapy. Swelling often takes a long time to resolve. Return of function is possible in 3-6 weeks time, depending upon the injury and procedure.

Some of the common procedures include Dupuytren’s contractures, carpal tunnel release, trigger fingers, syndactyly, rheumatoid arthritis, nerve injuries, fractures, etc. All these services are performed to correct physical dysfunction and therefore should be covered under insurance plans.