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What Is the Best Technique for Implant Removal?

2 Min Read In 2008, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that 20,967 women had implants removed. A decade later, that annual number increased by more than 8,000. These women are choosing to remove their implants because of a variety of different complications. Some women want to return to their normal breast size, while […]

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When Diet and Exercise Fail, Liposuction Triumphs

Exercise and dieting contribute to your overall health and wellness, and they often help you lose unwanted body fat. However, neither one can directly tackle localized fat deposits such as those found in the lower belly, hips, and upper arms. When diet and exercise fail, liposuction can successfully reshape your body and improve your overall look […]

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Nonsurgical Ways to Minimize Facial Aging

A youthful face is characterized by smooth, taut skin, full features, and defined shapes and curves. On the other hand, an aging face is characterized by fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, definition loss, and sagging skin. Nonsurgical techniques using the following FDA-approved facial injectables can minimize facial aging to restore your face to a more […]

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